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frequently asked questions

1. Where is Cornplanter College located?

The college is located on the Seneca Nation of Indians Alleghney Reservation at 67 Main Street in downtown Salamanca, New York.

2. What courses do you teach and what degrees do you offer?

We offer a wide range of courses and curriculums that lead to two and four year degrees.

 Our catalog itemizes those courses and gives the  requirements for each degree.

3. What differentiates Cornplanter College from other schools or institutions of higher learning?

Cornplanter College accepts that not every student that begins college is equipped with the tools to learn and perform on a college level.

It is for that reason our instructors and professors are prepared to give each student as much personal attention as they deserve.

It is also the reason we allow students to progress in each course according to their ability.

Failure in any subject is immediately recognized and allowed to be done over after the proper amount of remedial attention.

The only way a student fails is by not attending class and failing to complete the work. All work is done in school. There is no homework.

The college experience is treated as a 9 to 5 job. Attendance and performance are key to the work ethic we are dedicated to installing in our

students. We are dedicated to giving each student the education they pay for allowing them as much time (reasonably) to complete the work

as they continue with their other subjects. Difficulty with English Composition will not hold back the Massage Therapy student as they

continue their course of study.

4. What else differentiates Cornplanter College from other schools?

Cornplanter College is dedicated to hands on learning when applicable. We offer this kind of learning in the following courses:

Massage Therapy: Students learn next to experienced massage therapists and work on clients in an operational business (Victoria's Touch).

Journalism: Students learn all aspects of the business and produce a monthly magazine (Stolen Knife Magazine).

Communications: Students attrnd classes and work in a radio station writing, selling, and producing radio shows, features, and the news.

Hospitality and Restaurant Management: Students attend classes and work in local Restaurants and Hotels putting what they lrarn to use.

Education: Students studying for degrees in Elementary and Secondary Education will assist local students in our remedial center for local students.

5. How much does Cornplanter College cost?

Cornplanter College accepts full time students only (12  credit hours or more). We charge $400 a credit hour or a base of $4,800 per semester.

6. Am I allowed to take more than 12 credits a semester?

Yes. You may take up to 18 credits (six courses) once you have successfully completed your first semester and maintain a B average.

7. And if I do, am I charged for the extra courses?

 No, you are not charged for the extra courses.

8. Who makes up the faculty at Cornplanter College?

The faculty is comprised of experienced college professors who are unhappy with the current condition of education, especially the fact that

students borrow enormous sums of money and never learn anything or are aimed toward a career. The entire faculty, professors and

teaching assistants alike,  are dedicated to the success of each and every student.

9. You say you have a new or unique method of teaching. What is it? 

Good question! The fact of the matter is it is nothing new, only the implementation of what college, and learning for that matter,

was always meant to be. The student's learning comes first at Cornplanter College. That is not the case at other schools.

It is about how much the professor knows and if the student is able to parrot that information back to the professor.

Everyone who has gone to college has had the professor who spends the entire semester talking about his cousin, Doug,

but when the final comes suddenly there is information on the test concealed in a text and never discussed in class.

We are about student learning and development, not the personal gratification of the instructor.

10. You are located on an Indian reservation. Are you exclusively an Indian school or are you open to everyone?

We are located where we are because there is a specific need for something new in education. High school students are not

prepared for college and we recognize that fact. Chief Cornplanter, when he finally made peace with the new government in 1791,

wanted to bring the best educational practices and the latest technology to his people. He also recognized that it was imperative

that everyone live together, exchange ideas, share cultures, and succeed as one people under the same Creator.

We are dedicated to the continuation of the convictions and beliefs of the greatest War Chief and leader of his people

and our shared histories.



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